Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I realised that my Natalie Portman portrait was nowhere near finished so after a couple more hours of titting around, here's the final version.

I rather enjoyed making it so I think I'll do some more.  This could just turn into a visual list of women I fancy, but it beats sniffing glue I suppose.


Josh said...

Nice! The colors are more vibrant and I like the shading, good job I say.

Hadleigh said...

That's better... I must confess I couldn't recognise her in the first picture, but the finished pic is an excellent likeness.

So if you carry out with this proposed project of digitally painting all of the actresses you secretly fancy, would you ever send any to them?

Then you could develop a fun new hobby: collecting injunctions from famous actresses... I can see it being a tremendous new craze!

Graham said...

Have you seen Natalie Portman's boyfriend? I think I could be forgiven for holding out just a little bit of hope.

Ariane said...

Excellent picture - a definite improvement on Version 1, which I also thought was good, but which pales in comparison.

As for the boyfriend, he's got a lot of facial hair, but so have I so I feel compelled to stick up for him.

Gavin said...

Nice one, Graham - it's an excellent picture and good choice of subject. I've become quite taken with the lovely Ms Portman myself after seeing her in Garden State.