Monday, 18 August 2008

A cheery wave from stranded youngsters

I appear to have fallen out of the blogging habit.  I have had things to write about, but no inclination to do so.  Instead I have been filling my head with all sorts of fanciful things, essentially trying to decide what form my next creative venture will take.  It looks like it will be something based on digital illustration.  I might take a few weeks to try different stuff and see if anything has a particular appeal.  It is a very complex and exhaustive process.  Already I have dismissed the following:

  • Making scale model dogs out of pipe cleaners
  • Creating collages using soggy cornflakes and jam
  • Recreating classic album sleeves using crepe paper and phlegm

I'm dabbling with the idea of portraiture in some form.  Bad form, probably.

1 comment:

editingrequired said...

you really are not a well man -- creative, certainly -- but well?
still, at least your phlegm will finally come in useful...