Thursday, 3 July 2008


Today is my friend Ariane's birthday.  Although she still looks like a sprightly teenager, she is in fact 28 years old.  She is great!  This is because:

  • She is tremendously supportive of whatever harebrained project I've got on the go and offers lots of helpful advice and encouragement
  • She calls me all the time and never seems put off by my monosyllabic, incoherent grunting
  • She is always optimistic and picks me up when I'm down
  • She is very funny
  • She isn't afraid to tell me things I need to hear
  • She buys thoughtful gifts and always writes lovely things in greetings cards
  • She offers compliments without prompting
  • She is very grounded and knows what's important in life
  • She doesn't take up much room
  • She has put up with me for over eleven years!

I am very lucky to have her as a friend... have a great day, Ariane!

(Oh, and it was Thom's birthday last Sunday but I forgot to mention that.  Sorry mate.  You're great too.  And stuff.  *Quick awkward man hug*) 


Ariane said...

Aw... thank you G. I don't know what to say, other than I like "she doesn't take up much room". And that I'm not sure why the title of the post sounds like a fart. And that you're ace too. x

Hermit Guy said...

Hmm. Those curly party blower things don't really lend themselves to onomatopoeia do they?

editingrequired said...

She's right you know, it does sounds like a fart...
Still it's the thought that counts...
And a very sweet thought (or two) it was too...

Thom (31 apparently) said...

Of course, the cursory mention to me did not hurt at all, but then at 31 it is indeed a non-event. I am just counting down the years to my 40th. If your previous post about the end of DP had not happened I would give a stinging riposte about the small size of your environmentally friendly kettle in the latest strip.

By the way, and for what it is worth, I expect the 'chore' nature of DP carries more weight as an excuse that the popularity of DP. If readership is what you are after you could do so much more with marketing and your current avid readership would assist that evolution via word of mouth etc. Anyway, as a friend may I be honest? You have always quit too soon in your projects, which may never have been 100% but showed so much promise. I thought DP had true longevity, but whatever you do not next will be better. At the end of the day quality and achievement is always relative: what have I done that is creative and an expression of me over the years compared to you - zilch. Now, with the family, I have time to go to 2 or 3 bookmarks on the internet of an evening, one of which being yours.